Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Business Lending FAQ’s
Here at Corporate Business Lending, we understand that there are a LOT of questions that need to be answered, and concerns that need to be addressed, before you get started on your financing. While many of your inquiries may be specific to your file, and therefore will need to be discussed with your analyst, we’ve tried to put together some of our most common questions here for your convenience.

Do you have testimonials?
Of course. Head over to our Corporate Business Lending Reviews page.

How long does it take to get financed?
There’s no one way to answer this question; everyone’s file is a little different. That said, we aim to secure approvals within 4-14 days of completing the 72 hour underwriting period. You’ll want to speak to your assigned analyst for information specific to your profile, however.

Do you have bad reviews/is this a scam?
Fraud in our industry is abounding. Not only do we take this question seriously, we understand the need to be careful. Take a look at Is Corporate Business Lending a Scam? for some more info.

Will this affect my credit?
We do not make hard credit checks (inquiries) here. In order to protect your personal information and your credit score, we will have you do a soft consumer pull and work from this report instead.

Are you a broker, and can I be denied?
We are not a bank or a financial institution, but we are not brokers either. What makes us a little different is that we work within an exclusive lending network. We do not shotgun applications out and go fishing until we get a bite. Because we have the approval guidelines for our lenders in house, we know if AND where we can get you approved before we apply. We do not work with you if you do not meet our minimum requirements; we simply part ways as friends. If you do, our work is guaranteed until you’ve been fully funded.

Are there hidden fees on the back end?
Actually, no. We do not surprise you with mandatory expenses throughout this process. We offer a myriad of exceptional lender preparation packing and services such as business plan writing, web design, and more, however you are never obliged or required to pay us extra money to receive financing. These are available as an option to any client who is interested.